SECTION 355 CrPC - Code of Criminal Procedure - Metropolitan Magistrate's Judgment


Instead of recording a judgment in the manner hereinbefore provided, a Metropolitan Magistrate shall record the following particulars, namely;

  1. the serial number of the case;
  2. the date of the commission of the offence;
  3. the name of the complainant (if any);
  4. the name of the accused person, and his parentage and residence;
  5. the offence complained of or proved;
  6. the plea of the accused and his examination (if any);
  7. the final order;
  8. the date of such order;
  9. in all cases in which an appeal lies from the final order either under section 373 or under Sub-Section (3) of section 374, a brief statement of the reasons for the decision.

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