SECTION 207 CrPC - Code of Criminal Procedure - Supply to the accused of copy of police report and other documents


In any case where the proceeding has been instituted on a police report, the Magistrate shall without delay furnish to the accused, free of cost, a copy of each of the following;

  1. the police report;
  2. the first information report recorded under section 154;
  3. the statements recorded under Sub-Section (3) of section 161 of all persons whom the prosecution proposes to examine as its witnesses, excluding therefrom any part in regard to which a request for such exclusion has been made by the police officer under Sub-Section (6) of section 173;
  4. the confessions and statements, if any, recorded under section 164;
  5. any other document or relevant extract thereof forwarded to the Magistrate with the police report under Sub-Section (5) of section 173;
    Provided that the Magistrate may, after perusing any such pan of a statement as is referred to in clause (iii) and considering the reasons given by the police officer for the request, direct that a copy of that part of the statement or of such portion thereof as the Magistrate thinks proper, shall be furnished to the accused;
    Provided further that if the Magistrate is satisfied that any document referred to in clause (v) is voluminous, he shall, instead of furnishing the accused with a copy thereof, direct that he will only be allowed to inspect it either personally or through pleader in Court.

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