Section 22 CPC - Code of Civil Procedure - Power to Transfer Suits Which may be Instituted in More than one Court


Where a suit may be instituted in any one of two or more Courts and is instituted in one of such Courts, any defendant, after notice to the other parties, may, at the earliest possible opportunity and in all cases where issues are settled at or before such settlement, apply to have the suit transferred to another Court, and the Court to which such application is made, after considering the objections of the other parties (if any), shall determine in which of the several Courts having jurisdiction the suit shall proceed.


(i) Transfer application with allegations against the P.O. Report from P.O. may be called only with regard to the allegations contained in the transfer application; Pushpa Devi Saraf v. Jai Narain Parasrampuria, AIR 1992 SC 1133.

(ii) Both husband and wife initiating separate proceeding at different places. Both the proceedings triable by the same court. Husband?s case to be transferred to the place where wife?s case is pending; Ms. Shakuntala Modi v. Om Prakash Bharoka, AIR 1991 SC 1104.


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