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Our mission is to help consumers and common people find answers to their everyday legal questions.

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Are you facing legal issue, or just looking for more information about a specific legal topic? Legal Sections is the perfect starting point, itgives information, articles about a variety of legal topics as well as specific information about various subjects.

It is a pioneer and innovator in providing online legal information and services for lawyers, businesses and individuals. It delivers unmatched insights and resources that allow professionals to anticipate opportunities, adapt to change and prepare for future success.

The Legal Sections also aims to be the definitive resource for everyone considering a career in law, whatever their stage or background. It aims to provide its users with the best information and guidance on legal study and practice.

As we all know that the constitution of India guaranteesprotection of life and personal liberty to one and all. It providesadequate safeguards to fundamental rights against arbitrary decisions.

This portal has detailed information about various legislalations, rules and regulations, legal institutions, commissions and tribunals. You can also get information about Supreme Court, High Court, Subordinate Courts, Legal Aids, and AlternativeDispute Resolutions (ADR) etc. Details of online services and free legal aid schemes are also available.

We will be putting all the rules and regulations as per the law of Indian constitution and for those who want to know about IPC and CrPC or any other law they can also check it on our website.

It is freely accessible and easily accessed through your mobile phones or PC or a laptop. There is no need to search for each and every law separately on search engine, you can just view our website and enhance your knowledge. You can even check here the more information for basic daily routine laws, rules and regulations like traffic laws, civil rights.

Why We Create This?

Laws in India haveevolved from religious sources to the current constitutional and legal system we have today. Ancient India hasrecorded legal history starting from Vedic ages then Bronze Ageand later to Indus valley civilization.

Originating from Vedas, the Upanishads and other religioustexts, India had a historically independentschool of legal theory and practice.

However many companies tried to implement an efficient and effective law search engines but failed as people spent lot of time manually searching through a huge set of links and gauging their relevance.

To tackle these issues and make all the information available at one place our core development team developed an innovative and efficient searchengine whichprovides quick results and is easy to use.

If you are a person seeking Indian law information, then the entire Indian law database till date covering each and every aspect has been digitized and powered with and effective search for your benefit.

Legal Sections offers you a simple, easy and effortless way to searchforprior cases and the related laws governing the society.

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